Stephanie Stewart

photographer + director



Photographer + director living in southern Indiana (Bloomington). Sweeping vistas and natural beauty inspire my work. Previous clients: Hallmark Rentals, Helen Wells Agency, SEEN Models, Cactus Flower, Plato's Closet, Cookie Please.


I also compose ambient music.


My ambient albums are available for streaming, licenscing, and download on Bandcamp and iTunes.


My art is inspired by things that are beautiful in a very natural, real way. My style combines elegance and grace in a timeless, neo-classical vein.


After graduating in 2012 with a B.S. in Management from the School of Public and Environmental Affairs and a B.A. in International Studies with an Arabic minor, I have since branched out on my own, traveling, reading, rock-climbing, writing, observing the beauty of life, and developing my own vision


In early 2018, I finished writing a fictional novel, "Sarah and The Dreamworld," and a travel memoir entitled "Chasing Sunrise: Adventures Into The Unknown."